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Our Mission


We endeavor to provide high quality custom project management services to organizations with goals congruent with empowering Ecuadorians, especially the most vulnerable in society. Project goals should have a positive emphasis on people´s mental, physical and emotional well being. 


Nature provides us with vital lessons

Self-improvement is the daily goal - every day

Spirituality raises people above any level of despair

Science and technology serve humanity in marvelous ways

Sustainability ensures efficiency and maximum impact in everything we do 



Respect your intuition

Adversity makes you stronger

Every Problem is an Opportunity

Helping others is helping yourself

Courage supersedes fear everytime 

Win win mindset brings the right people together



Ecuador: The Switzerland of the Americas


To live in a world where every indvidual has their basic human rights met. This includes people´s physical, mental and emotional needs. 

Ecuador is positioned to become a leading example for the Americas and other developing countries around the world. This is due to its wealth of bio-diversity, consistent climate, fertile plains, water resources, and the spiritual essence of its diverse populations. Ecuador will embrace a way of living that seeks to balance science, nature and spirituality.


We will be able to experience clear evidence of this vision by 2030.

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