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Slavka Consulting is a small boutique firm focused on meeting the highest standards for each of our partner clients. We have an international mindset, incorporating up-to-date world´s best practices in everything we do. We tailor our approach to the unique needs of each partner client and each project. Moreover, we deliver a personal service aligned with our belief that when you succeed, we succeed.

At Slavka Consulting we are available to work remotely and engage partner clients in all four regions of Ecuador.  


Aleksandar Tusev 


Aleksandar Tusev brings a global perspective to his duties, having immersed experiences in three distinct cultures from across three continents. Aleksandar was born, raised and educated in Australia. His ancestral heritage is from Macedonia; and, he has been living and working in Ecuador since 2010. 


(2012) Master of International Relations. La Trobe University, Australia. 

(2010) Bachelor of International Relations. La Trobe University, Australia. 

(2005) Bachelor of business (Accountancy). RMIT University, Australia. 

Book Publications

(2019) The next generation of professionals in Ecuador: A manager´s  guide to Millennial/Generation Z university students

 (2018) Solidarity of a nation: 7.8 in Ecuador

(2017) First Edition / (2020) Second edition

Going to Ecuador: Culture, education and industry

Work Background 

(2015 - 2020) Professor at Universidad Especialidades de Espiritu Santos (UEES), Guayaquil.

(2017-2019) Project Director. What Millennials Want: A national profile of Ecuadorian Millennials. Sponsored by UEES.   

(2014 - 2015) Professor at Universidad de Las Americas (UDLA), Quito. 

(2014 - 2019) Director of Centro Quiropractico Vitalidad LTD. Ecuador.





Full access to Aleksandar's publications are available on Research Gate. Follow the link below for free access. 

The Value of Slavka Consulting

Succeeding Together

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